About Web Lovers

Web Lovers was founded by some happy guys with several years of experience from the domain name business. It all started with us seeing an opening on the Swedish drop catching scene. During spring 2016 we started coding and during the summer we launched our alpha version of the auction system. We trimmed our scripts to achieve good success rates and opened our shop in August 2016.

How to place a backorder

We offer our customers drop catching of .SE, .NU and .FI domain names using a dutch auction model. In reality that means you are able to backorder a domain name 30 days prior to its drop-date. We lower the price with 30% every day until the release date or until the domain name is ordered by a customer. We only accept one backorder per domain name and you only pay if the registration is successful. You find our complete price list here.

On top of normal backorders we offer bulk orders of domain names. The bulk orders have a fixed pice of 200 SEK and we accept one bulk order per domain name and customer. If more than one customer have bulk ordered the same domain name the domain name will be raffled between the customers at the drop date. A normal backorder will always have priority over a bulk order, if we receive a normal backorder on a domain name that has been bulk ordered by another customer we will therefore prioritise the normal backorder.

Why choose Web Lovers?

As many of our customers use dropcatched domain names for SEO PBNs. Therefor we create unique contact-IDs for each domain name at the registry level. Doing this removes a whois footprint towards Google who otherwise will be able to map your PBN using whois information.

We offer an API for all our customers that support price quote, bulk order as well as normal backorders. If you are interested in using our API you find more information about it in your account. Our API offer customers with internal analysing systems a seamless integration of our backorders.

We are always working on our success rate but are able to register a majority of our backordered domain names today. We are also looking at adding more TLDs in the near future so keep an eye out in your inbox!

What shall I do if someone has registered my old domain name with Web Lovers?

Web Lovers is an accredited .SE, .NU and .FI registrar. This means we are a reseller for Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur and Ficora who are the organisations administrating all .SE, .NU and .FI domain names. We do not own any domain names ourselves, we offer our customers a possibility to backorder domain names that are about to drop. We never give out any customer details that are not already public and we do not forward any e-mails to our clients. To obtain contact details for the registrant you can use the service provided by IIS at https://www.iis.se/domaner/free/ or Ficora at Ficora WHOIS, this is the only information we are able to disclose about a domain name owner.