Privacy Policy

Version: 2018-05-25

This policy describes how Web Lovers AB collects, uses and shares your personal information when using our services.

What customer information is collected

How information is collected

How your personal information is used

To fulfill our agreements with you

To be able to deliver the services you have ordered from us and to identify you as a customer. Your personal information is also used when billing and on payment of the services you use.

To fulfill legal obligations

Your personal information is used to fulfill the demands and obligations dictated by law.

To troubleshoot possible problems in ordered services

To be able to fulfill our obligations we might need to process your personal information when diagnosing and correcting technical problems.

To prevent fraud

To be able to detect and mitigate fraud against us and our customers we might be need to process your personal information.

To improve our services

With whom do we share personal information

Registries of top level domains

When registering a domain we are required to supply your personal information to the agency in charge of the domain registry in question.

Billing, payments and accounting

Upon billing we must process your personal information and what services your have bought from us. Our payment partners might request personal information from you in order to perform the payment.

Technical infrastructure suppliers

We buy techincal services from infrastructure suppliers to be able to deliver our services.

Government agencies

We might be compelled by law to surrender personal information to government agencies ‒ such as law enforcement or tax authorities ‒ when order by courts of law.

Data storage

We implement appropriate measures to protect your personal information and ensure that it is processed according to current law in terms of privacy and integrity. We pose the same demands on our partners and service providers.

Translation missing:

Personal information is stored for as long as there is a documented purpose with its processing. For example to be able to fulfill agreements or compliance with laws and regulations.


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